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Kala azar treatment - you need 30 injections of SSG (sodium stibogluconate).  This is a an antimonial compound that we are injecting.  Used at least since the 1940's it still works, but not so nice to think about injecting heavy metals.  In the past 25 years new drugs have been added to the treatment options.  If we add paromomycin injection then 2 doses daily for 17 days works well and cuts down the time spent away from home and looking for food.  A new medicine developed in the US for treating coinfections for patients on chemotherapy is quite effective and far last toxic.  Liposomal Amphotericin B is a drug that is given intravenously for those too sick, and for pregnant women.  It is available at cost from the company though still a bit pricy.


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Below are pictures of treating the epidemic when there were up to 900 patients getting injections daily.