This holiday season you can change a life!


Banak is a normal 10-year-old-boy, who likes to study and play with his friends... the difference between him and other children you may know is that he happened to be born in South Sudan. Drawing that particular lottery ticket has led him to see his father murdered in Juba during the start of the latest civil war, and to develop Spinal Tuberculosis due to lack of adequate medical care. This has given him a life where his family is broken, his back is twisted, and he is in chronic pain. Banak's back and body can be fixed, and be as free as his beautiful mind. You can make this happen. Please help us get him to Kenya where he can get the surgery he needs.

Follow this link to our GoFundMe Campaign. Every dollar goes directly to helping us pay for his surgery through our partner non-profit Crosscurrents International Institute.